What is Randomise?

According to the Amazon reviews, Randomise is…

  • “Spectacularly funny”
  • “A very random and hilarious test of anyone’s acting, describing or drawing ability!”
  • “Hours of family fun”
  • “Think the best bits of Pictionary, Articulate and Charades all combined.”
  • “Absolutely hilarious fun-filled game… Totally recommended”

These reviews make us very happy! We created Randomise to bring friends and families together to laugh like they’ve never laughed before and create hilarious new memories, and it seems to be having the desired effect…

In this game, players are given random identities – such as a dizzy robot bungee jumping,  a confused octopus eating spaghetti or a disguised giraffe playing air guitar – and can choose whether to act, describe or draw their identity for their team mates to guess.

The rules are simple, but with more than a million random identity combinations possible, every game is different… If you want to let your silly side out, or give the greatest gift (of laughter), buy a copy today and start Randomising!

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VIDEO: Randomise in action

*The box and cards shown in this video are early prototypes – the game design is even brighter and better now.