The Randomise story

Randomise was born on a cold winter commute from Brighton to London, when Hazel Reynolds decided to set herself the challenge of creating a game so hilarious that it would lure her 12-year-old sister away from her beloved iPad.

For fun, she tried to dream up a game that incorporated all the best elements of her favourite games and would guarantee a giggle. The first attempt, to be honest, wasn’t amazing. But after some constructive feedback from her husband Chris, she tried again, and version two turned out to be quite a lot of fun indeed! She made a basic prototype, and RANDOMISE was born….

Too much fun not to share

For months, Hazel and Chris played their new game with friends and family (including Hazel’s little sister who loved it!) and enjoyed how much laughter it brought to every gathering. Seeing Hazel’s mum trying to draw an evil badger proposing and watching their friend Rach truly becoming a clumsy goose skydiving was just too funny, and they found they were creating hilarious memories that would stay with them long after the game ended.

Again and again friends suggested they turn their rough prototype into a game that could be shared and sold, but it was nearly eight months later that they finally decided to give it a go and try to share the fun more widely.

Kickstarter turns dream into reality

To see whether or not people would really be interested in buying Randomise, and to raise money to pay for manufacturing, Hazel and Chris decided to run a three-week Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign (

Hazel developed her prototype into a fully designed game and her brilliantly talented friend Leelu ( illustrated it beautifully. Her friend Matt Harms filmed a brilliant pitch video and her friend Stef Andrew (after enjoying a particularly hilarious game) even wrote a little song about the joys of playing Randomise…

(You can see more of Stef at

The Kickstarter campaign was a fantastic success, with 288 supporters pledging £4,383 to turn the Randomise dream into reality.

The finished games arrived from the manufacturers on Friday 11 Dec and Hazel and Chris had posted all the Kickstarter orders by Mon 14 Dec – in time to make sure everyone had the chance to enjoy the game over Christmas!

Success in the real world

Since then, Randomise has proved to be rather popular. Having been supported by Amazon’s Launchpad scheme it went on to become one of the top 10 best selling card games on Amazon UK in the run up to Christmas 2016 and to date has sold over 20,000 copies.

As a result, the Randomise team has grown to three employees (welcome aboard Tina!) who all split their time between being parents to their little ones and working hard to spread the Randomise love across the globe.

What next for Randomise?

Randomise is available to buy now on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Hazel, Chris and Tina are keen to get as many people as possible playing Randomise and spending more quality time laughing with their friends and family, so please, help us spread the word!

If you are one of the wonderful people who supported us on Kickstarter, then thank you so much – we couldn’t have done this without you.

And if you have landed on this website randomly and have never heard of Randomise before, but are now considering buying a copy, then go ahead and take a chance – you won’t regret it!

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